Logocentric Orrery

Writing and art toward the re-enchantment of the good Earth, by artist M.T. Kinoian Lujan. Orthodox Christian perspectives. Quadrivium revivalism. Nous, number and nothingness. Occasional fiction.

If reality is symbolic, the languages that describe reality (logic, math, hard sciences) are symbolic languages.

Logos: Jesus Christ, God incarnate among us and the author of the heavens.

Orrery: a model of the solar system and, by implication, of the entire cosmos.

My fine art can be found at ApophaticAstronomy.com.

My decorative art can be found here.

My music can be found at PerfectMidnightMusic.com.

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M.T. Kinoian Lujan
Orthodox Christian | Armenian | Artist | Photographer | Designer